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5 Ways to Clear Old Patterns and Blockages

Updated: May 12, 2020

First I would like to clear up the fact that there is no source of negativity/darkness or evil. There is only source of pure love from which we exist but we can create or align ourselves with any truth our mind and belief systems are attuned or accustomed to. Negative patterns are experienced mostly because of fear and outdated belief systems. We can free ourselves at any time by forgiving ourselves and others and releasing negative or outdated ways of thinking.

Think of the sun rising each morning and illuminating everything, it is not that the darkness shuts it off at the end of the day, but rather the absence of the sun/light which creates the dark. You flip a switch in a dark room and light it up, even a candle will do, but you cannot flip a dark switch, it doesn't exist! You are powerful, you have that light within you! You are the light!

We are accustomed to thinking in certain ways; as we grow up we have many belief systems built into our consciousness and we grow to think that those belief systems are true due to the law of attraction matching us up with everything that we are focused upon. Then we continue thinking that there is bad karma to pay, that at some point God/Source is going to punish us for what we have done when in reality the opposite is true; we are punishing ourselves. We constantly punish ourselves by giving into fear and limiting belief systems.

Please keep in mind that fear is the opposite vibration of love and we can only exist in one of those vibrations at any given time. As you release old patterns and expand your consciousness you will be able to shine your light more fully.

Life is about growth and expansion, Source always wants us to experience life to the fullest so that we can determine and mold our being into it's best version, we will eternally continue to expand. We are gifted with a free will and for this reason alone Source would never judge or punish us. To align with love is to align with Source, to align with love is to Be your Truth.

If you are wanting to release negative patterns and ways of thinking my advice would be to:

1. Start meditating 15-20 minutes a day, quiet the mind and connect your body with your soul to create a sense of balance and connect deeper to your inner being.

2. Listen to positive affirmations, affirm them throughout the day. When you sleep you can play positive affirmations to reprogram the subconscious.

3. There are many rituals and ceremonies that could be performed such as the Ho’oponopono forgiveness practice. You can do this in connection to the Creator, Yourself and other influences within your life experience.

4. Releasing rituals which are best to do during full moon phases. You can write what you are releasing and burn the paper asking your Guides and Angels to transmute those patterns, beliefs, fears and worries into love and light.

5. Use a selenite wand or sage to clear and renew energies within yourself or your space.

Always know that you are magnificent, loved, worthy, beautiful, unique, gifted, protected and that you matter!

I want to remind you to stay connected with nature as in nature we can be reminded of the natural flow of this Universe and we can feel one with all. Our human minds have been conditioned to think in many ways that are not in alignment with our truth and so it is time that we be released of this ongoing matrix and allow the heart to guide.

There is no bad karma that needs to be repaid, to believe that is to resist your own happiness. Everything revolves around the law of attraction; we experience that which is within our thoughts, emotions and belief systems. Healing is within the willingness to let go of what has been blocking you, willingness to face your fears and willingness to recognize that in everything there is duality. That things have power over you to the extent that you allow them.

As much shadow that you find within yourself there is that much light that shines right through you. Finding your balance is key, and being able to discern, to recognize the shadow is where you will thrive. As you recognize the shadow and shine light on it, you will come into further balance and enlightenment. Darkness or shadow just means the absence of light as light is our only source.

Everything in this Universe is connected, there is an interconnectedness that can be felt when we give ourselves time and a chance to go within, when we quiet the mind and connect with our hearts we can sense our truth. This is the only way we can free ourselves as we go back to the reality of who we are.

Continue living fearlessly and know that you are powerful, that you are limitless, eternally protected and loved. Your life, your call…Create the best of you!

I will leave you with a beautiful song (Aloha Ke Akua means God is Love)..

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