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Dangers of Twin Flame Labeling

Updated: May 12, 2020

Twin Flame label is something that has been misunderstood in our collective and with this post I wish to bring clarity to all those who are seeking. When it comes to human nature we like defining things, for some reason, we like giving labels to everything. In this case, many people have confused the Twin Flame connection with Soulmate connections and Karmic Connections.

I get many questions from people about Twin Flames and the most common one that I hear is "is he/she my twin flame". This is a question no other human being should answer for you, this is something that you will receive from your inner being or source. Twin Flame connections have been very misunderstood to the point where people end up staying in abusive or unhealthy relationships because they think that this is their twin flame.

Although Twin Flame connections are not necessarily easy to understand, one should never continue staying in a toxic environment, no matter the nature of the connection. Everything goes back to self love, respect and standing up for what you believe in.

I think that a person should never intentionally search for their twin flame connection, as this connection is Divinely guided and orchestrated. When it comes to your twin flame connection, you will meet at the right time and you will know for sure that this is your twin, you will recognize their soul, but not only that; your guides will make sure to make it clear to you.

Up until three years ago I had no idea about Twin Flame connections. I was going through major Spiritual awakening and my guides made sure to show me exactly who my twin is. While they were explaining the person to me, my phone had gotten a message from him. I already knew him but I had no idea that he was my twin. In this way, your spirit guides will show it to you at the right time.

Twin Flame connections cannot be rushed or forced. There cannot be any expectations when it comes to this connection because again, it is one of the most natural things you will ever experience. It is like a mother conceiving a baby and she has to wait until the baby is ready to be born. Same with twin flame connections, unless it is ripe to happen, it will not be.

I always advise people to live their lives in the now moment and to experience life to the fullest. To allow their inner beings to guide them and take life as it is. We hear "Twin Flame" and we automatically think it's this Divine, pure and easy connection. I will tell you that it's the most complex but yet beautiful connection you will ever experience and that is why it can be destructive if both people are not on the same frequency and/or ready for the journey.

In my case, I believe that my guides had to show me the label #Twin Flame because they needed me to understand that this is not a conventional type of a connection and relationship I have envisioned. It is nothing like I've experienced before (at least not in this lifetime).

This has helped me with understanding that Twin Flame connection requires a lot of purging, healing, mirroring the wounds we have within, expanding and learning forgiveness. It's a connection that goes beyond the traditional attachments and codependencies, it teaches unconditional love. Twin Flame connection teaches us to become whole within, to be fully balanced in our masculine and feminine energy. It is not until both people are whole within that the union can happen. It is the yin/yang within all of us that we are seeking first.

Yes, I can say that the Twin Flame connection brings us closer to home or source but it is dangerous to expect this kind of a connection with anybody we meet. Some people need to experience Soulmate or Karmic relationships in order to learn and grow before they can even get to know their Twin and this is why it's important to take life as it is presenting itself to you now. Unless you have a complete yes from your guides please don't expect or search your twin flame as it is again, the most natural thing that should happen to you.

Expectation is the biggest cause of pain. Twin Flame connections and expectations can end up hurting us if we try to manipulate the outcomes in any way. Surrendering to the soul calling is the healthy way to grow, heal, expand and become whole within the self first.

If you want to know if someone is your Twin Flame simply as the Universe. Say out loud: Source/God/Universe please give me a sign if this person is my twin flame, you can be specific and say that your sign will be a butterfly, or I'll get a message from him/her today, or I'll hear a specific song, whatever way you prefer to work with Spirit; they will confirm to you.

Again, please never make assumptions and expectations because that only ends up with disappointments. If we label someone our twin flame that causes expectation to rise, this connection is not conventional. We have to let go and surrender by allowing source to guide.

We have to be completely ready to do the work, to release everything we once though we knew, die and be reborn, in order to withstand this connection.

It is sad to see many people with broken hearts because they thought someone was they twin flame, all of the expectations and assumptions disappointed them. You should never stay in an unhealthy, codependent, or toxic relationship just because you think that is your twin flame.

Love is easy, love is understanding, love is patient, love has no expectations, love has no limitations, love has no fear, love has no anger, love doesn't control, love is just love.

Twin Flame connections help up become whole, they help us release all of the wounding and conditioning. Some Twin Flame connections are not meant to be in a romantic relationship in this lifetime and for some, that is a hard pill to swallow. When we are in a real twin flame connection we come to terms with this fact and we understand the purpose of the connection.

Twins cross paths in order to fulfill a soul contract, in order to awaken to their soul and complete their mission on Earth. They come in many shapes and forms. Sometimes what's best for us is not what we thought it would be. Surrendering to what is, setting healthy intentions and creating more self love so we can give back in the best ways is the way to go.

Do your best to heal, grow and expand on your own. Work each day to strengthen your connection to your inner being and Source and trust that everything you need is coming your way at the right time. Release expectations and worries, allow yourself to be in the now, doing what feels best in each moment.

I hope this helps.



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