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Spiritual Definition of Death

Updated: May 12, 2020

Why do we make death such terrible thing, when death is nothing but a new beginning. Each season is teaching us that nothing ever stays the same, things flow in cycles and constantly renew.

Death is a natural process just as birth, but why do we make it extremely painful and frown upon it while we celebrate birth with joy. Could we become unconditional and comfortable with celebrating both because they are just two different cycles after all. Would it be possible for us to honor each soul in its decision as a creator?

Before we go any further, I would like to invite you to imagine that when the soul decides to pass on, it returns back to the source of who we are, where only pure unconditional loving vibration exists. We are Spirit first, we manifest into the physical and we operate a physical body to perceive and create with. Energetically, we never lose the Spiritual source of connection, even if the mind makes us think otherwise.

One lifetime is a soul expanding experience, where we learn, grow, and after we acquire the main knowledge the soul needed in a lifetime; we start our new cycle. This time we get a different set of experiences for the purpose of expansion of all there is.

We can get a new body that is vital and has more capabilities considering the consciousness awareness that we are equipped to operate from. And of course, after each lifetime, our soul and consciousness expands immensely. We have many options, it all depends on the soul’s choice as far as the lessons and growth it is seeking. We have the power to create Universes, the opportunities are limitless for the soul.

I always wondered why physical death was depressing, why it hurt so bad knowing that I will never again connect with someone I deeply loved? And now I understand that all of the pain I felt, was a signal from my inner being letting me know that what I was thinking was not in alignment with what I deeply knew within and that which was true, hence the negative emotion. When you think of something that rings true to who you are, you will always experience a positive emotion.

All of us are always connected because we are energy coming from the same source. We are eternal, you cannot destroy energy but you can transmute it. Our body is the only thing that expires but the soul is eternally connected to source energy from which we project ourselves forward.

I can still connect with the consciousness and energy of my deceased loved ones, but only in their new form. Once I came to this realization and accepted this fact, I started to see the evidence of it. Our brains are like signal receivers and transmitters able to pick up and connect to whatever we are focused upon, the alignment, frequency and consciousness awareness matters.

When we manifest into the physical, we are projecting a part of who we are forward into the physical realm, and when the body "expires"; we return to our non-physical energy but at this point we are expanded into more as a result of the life experience we have just lived.

We may, as we wish, project ourselves back and forth through many dimensions - the soul has a free will, but it would be quite boring to stay in the same body forever. Just as seasons change and renew, so do our bodies and experiences. We are always expanding into more.

It doesn’t make sense to why the Source Creator of all that is, who is unconditionally loving, powerful and wise - would naturally create something that would not be in our highest good. We are loved beyond our ability to perceive, to the extent of having free will as our birthright. We are free to choose every thought, emotion, action and reaction.

The way I see it, we are the ones who choose to hurt and make our own judgement even when someone else's soul decides to move on. Why can’t we allow the natural unfolding and make peace with it all. Realizing that it's all good; the light, the shadow, life, death, yin, yang, and so forth. After all, without black and white we wouldn't have grey.

Honoring and embracing the soul in its new form and knowing that it still exists, maintains and creates a stronger connection.

Deep down we truly know that everything is unfolding in perfect divine order, and I hope that with this article I was able to shine some light and inspire you to allow more ease and embrace the natural process of life experience on planet Earth.

Love and Light


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