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How to Avoid Ascension Symptoms

Updated: May 12, 2020

Ascension symptoms occur due to DNA upgrades, our soul growth and the shifting of the planet into higher vibrations. This is part of evolution and the human collective calling in the new energies. It’s important to understand that we are evolving each day into greater states of being which means that we have to stay up to speed with who we are becoming vibrationally.

Each day, we are shooting new rockets of desire in order to improve our personal world and the planet. When we form new desires, our soul; the vibrational part of who we are automatically becomes what we asked for and it is our job to sync up with this new vibration.

One of the main reasons we feel ascension symptoms is because of the new energies upgrading us vibrationally and guiding us to be in alignment with who we have become; the body has expanded beyond what we have learned to allow.

In other words, our vibration has expanded and source is calling us there while we are focused upon other things, or looking in the opposite direction, and this is mainly because of practiced thought out of habit. Everything is about energy, in this case we are bringing in the non-physical into the physical; "as above so below".

This is not an easy process and it can take some time to adjust depending on our willingness to release the resistance and allow the new way of being. In real terms we will never completely catch up to speed with who we are becoming because there is always a new desire which is taking us into greater expansion.

We have to learn how to be mindful, to release resistance and stay in the receptive mode. When I say receptive mode I mean receptive to the new energies that are presenting themselves and deliberately aligning ourselves with who we have become. With this comes letting go of old ways, it can go anywhere from changing the way we think, our actions, shifting people around us, habits, fear, belief systems and programming.

Most important thing to keep in mind is to do what we can to balance the mind, body and soul. With this comes proper nutrition which should be the key. For me, it was becoming vegan and switching to all organic foods. In the beginning of my awakening I realized that body could not digest animal products anymore and I’ve noticed that it always lowered my energy and also made me feel sick. Once I made the decision to become more mindful about the food I was putting in my body, it became easier to vibrate higher.

Everyone is different and you have to go with what your body is telling you, but in any case choosing organic healthy foods is the way to go. I would also advise taking daily vitamins, drinking a lot of water, staying active and exercising daily. This will ensure more space in your vessel for new high vibrational energies. This is important specially if you are a light-worker.

If you are having headaches I found that dark chocolate helps relieve headaches. I also like to make cocoa almond milk with a touch of coconut oil at the end of my day. Cocoa is really good for decalcifying and activating your pineal glad as well as pineapple. You can look into flower essences to help you shift energy, using essential oils helps as well. If you are having constant symptoms and not seeing your way out, you may want to look into CBD oil. Make sure to move your body, this shifts energy. Yoga classes with breath work are great!

When it comes to balancing the mind, we should be including more meditation into our daily lives, journaling is another great option as well as positive affirmations. Including more creative projects into our schedule allows for the energy flow. Spending time in nature and releasing thoughts which are repetitive out of habit. Thoughts create, which is why it’s extremely important to become deliberate in our thinking process. One great exercise is to stop every hour and check in with yourself, some people like to set their alarm for this one.

When you have ascension symptoms remember that it's always an indicator of an upgrade and a reminder to allow ourselves to get up to speed with the new version of who we have become. If you continue having ascension symptoms every day it would be advisable to get some energy healing work such as reiki, sound healing, coaching sessions, spiritual workshops and so forth.

In any case trust that the source within you has the power to heal you on a cellular level no matter your situation. Every cell in our body has a consciousness of it's own and is being operated by source.

Our bodies are vessels through which Spirit is present, the more relaxed, receptive and open we are; the more healing, positive energy and higher vibration we will be able to embody. This is why it's important to look at the entire vessel, mind, body, soul. Trust, release outdated belief systems, stay mindful and do what you can to expand your consciousness every day.

As we release resistance we are able to flow with the new momentum. Once we get in the momentum of allowing and trusting, the path becomes smoother to a certain extent. I personally believe that meditation is the easiest way to release resistance, as we quiet thoughts and allow, true healing happens.

Ascension is an eternal process. We will never cease to expand.

Happy Ascending!


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