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How to Avoid Low Vibration

Updated: May 12, 2020

This is a topic I've been wanting to cover for a while. First I want to get down to the basics and then we will cover some tips. I believe that many of us give our power away without realizing it whatsoever. Although, it is not intentional, the subconscious mind blended with our belief systems and choices can influence our vibrational state of being immensely.

Each and every one of us is programmed since birth, and when I say programmed I don't always mean programmed in a negative way. Since the ones who programmed us were programmed themselves, there is no good nor bad here. It's just the way it is. Most people on this planet are victims of fear. I am sure that even in your reality you were not born to parents who told you that there is God or Source within you, that you are made up of it's energy.

One of the biggest reasons we give our power away is by thinking that we are somehow separated from Source and that we are in a war with negative entities. This is far from the truth. We are Divine beings, we are free to choose and create whatever we want. Our creator loves us so much that he/she, or it, gave us the freedom to include whatever we want into our experience. We are a part of Source, as energy, we can never be separated and we attract what we believe in. There are no limitations to what we can achieve and create.

There are laws of the Universe that not many of us grow up learning about, yet we learn history of wars and things that have nothing to do with who we are at this point in time. Avoiding low vibration entails deliberate and positive thought pattern. It requires inner peace and having strong/healthy boundaries with others.

It's important to learn about energy, the nature of the Universe and the way we operate. Learn ways in which our mind works and that every thought is molding our experience. It was such an expansive experience for me when I grasped the fact that every creation was once just a thought. What we think is what we attract and create. Every thought is an affirmation and every thought holds a vibration.

Every belief system we have within us will reflect itself in our external reality due to the Law of Attraction. A belief is just a repetitive thought, if we have a belief that is of negative nature, we will continue attracting experiences similar to it. These are some ways in which people are continuing to experience lower vibrations. This is what we are healing nowadays. Every generation brings in a new spark of expansion and understanding of who we truly are.

I would say that the second biggest reason we give our power away is by thinking that a negative entity has more power than we do. We have the love, life force and energy of Source flowing through us; there is no force more powerful than that! Most entities are just floating around lost and directionless, but fearing them is the only time they have any power over us. When we stand strong in our power, we are free at last.

There are people who are also directionless but that doesn't mean that you have to accept them in your reality, and it doesn't matter if they are family or strangers. You can always turn your cheek and do your thing; your job is your own wellbeing first. No thing can ever include or insert itself in your experience unless you thought about it or allowed it in somehow.

In every case, you always have a choice to protect your own energy by not giving into things that don't align with who you are nor allow you to grow. You can always choose yourself first, as life is all about making choices in order to master ourselves. Keep in mind that every interaction and relationship serves us a valuable lesson. I would not look at situations as a negative thing but rather accept them and move forward. Most challenging experiences teach us strength and self worth. In many cases, we grow once we let go.

When it comes down to it, we are always working with a thought and choice. Choosing self love, expansion, change and alignment first, is the most important thing. If we are not aligned or in a good place, nobody around us will benefit. Accepting what is and working on improvement will help raise vibration. Not to mention salt baths, meditation, positive affirmations, journaling, nature, art, music and all of the practical things we can do.

Belief systems only stay within us if we continue thinking about the same thought patterns and reactivate them. Include different thoughts every morning without revisiting the old ones and you will see ways in which your belief systems and life transforms. People often think that negative energies or individuals are out to get or harm them but that is a belief that is not serving anyones highest good. Once we start thinking that the Universe has our back and that people are always helpful, once we make decisions to direct our thoughts in more productive and positive ways; our experience completely shits.

Life cannot always be bright and fluffy and if it were, we wouldn't be expanding or learning anything. There are moments of contrasting experiences which are so fueling in the evolution of our lives as well as the collective. Know that we expand the most in the challenging situations but it is our job to learn those lessons and use them as platform for more growth and movement forward. It is up to us to tune into the frequency of well being and clarity.

To put it simply avoiding low vibration entails self love and discernment. Making decisions to better yourself and to choose yourself first, every time! You are your only priority. Choose not to spend any time with people or situations which drain your energy!

Keeping our vibration high entails choosing your thoughts wisely, taking time to process, learning new things, accepting yourself and others, being comfortable alone, meditating, getting enough rest, balancing your mind, body and soul. Making conscious decisions to transform yourself and to release the thoughts or belief systems which have served their purpose. Remember that you don't owe anything to anyone but you owe it to your self to be the best version you can be because nobody else can do it for you.

Your connection to Source is the one thing that is of the highest vibration; it's always love. Once we learn to nurture this connection, we attract high vibrational experiences.

With Love,


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