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How to Become a Masterful Creator

I wish to share some of the most important tips on becoming a deliberate creator of your own life in today's post. We are all born as creators, and we are meant to experience joy; we are meant to manifest our desires and embody the expression of who we truly are. It is not difficult to create a beautiful life; all it takes is focus and intention to change how we have been programmed to live our lives. Since we are vibrational beings, our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, actions, and emotions contribute greatly to the unfolding of our realities.

Suppose you want to change your life around. In that case, you have to be willing to reprogram your mind because some of the outdated beliefs about yourself, your life, and others are more than likely holding you back. Beliefs are practiced repetitive thoughts that we keep on thinking; they are not necessarily the truth.

To have the life we desire, we have to align with our inner-being and tune into the inner resources rather than focus on the external influences. All of our power lies within the connection to the Source of who we are. We have to know that we have control over how we feel, act, and react. We cannot control things outside of ourselves, and with that being said, let's delve into some powerful tools that you can utilize right now to start creating a more fulfilling life experience. Please remember to have fun with this!

I believe that focus is everything. If I could teach you one thing about deliberate creation, I would say that having a positive focus in the present moment is the most important thing. With deliberate focus, you become aware of your energy and not get distracted or swayed by the external reality. It is crucially important to focus on the present moment and look forward to where you are going with excitement, rather than reactivating what has been or focusing too much on current issues.

A creator creates and doesn't look at what has already been created. You cannot paint a new picture by focusing on what you have already painted. Every issue is a learning experience of what we do not prefer, and as you realize what you do not prefer, you can choose to focus your energy and thoughts towards what you prefer or wish to see manifest in your life. As a creator, you have to look forward to where you are going, not where you have been. Each time you focus on what has been, the past reactivates and keeps on controlling what is coming to you. Remember that whatever you focus on, you use your creative energy to create more of it; it doesn't matter if it's something wanted or unwanted.

When it comes to the masterful creation of your life, you have to become your own best friend. You have to stop looking for love, validation, comfort, or encouragement outside of yourself and find where it truly is, within your own connection to Source/God. Stop caring about what other people say or think of you; they are entitled to their own opinions and perceptions, this doesn't mean their perception is correct. You and only your inner Source know who you truly are.

Once you realize that you are a powerful being and that the connection to yourself is crucial to nurture, you will start tapping into your true power as a creator. You can feel good no matter what happens in your life experience, but you also have to want to feel good and not give in to distractions outside of yourself. To manifest things that feel good to us, we have to align our energy with them, which means we have to care about how we feel at all times. I would encourage you to choose to do more things that feel good to you, not because you are trying to manifest things, but because it feels good to feel good because you deserve to feel good.

I often talk about the importance of achieving balance within the mind, body, and spirit. For the mind, one of the best and most important tools I have discovered is meditation. Meditation helps with releasing external chatter and the chatter of our own monkey mind. I wrote a post called "The Art of No Thought," which you can read here on my blog. It talks about the importance of meditation and quieting the chatter of our minds so that we give our inner self a chance to be heard. This is where our true power resides; the guidance from the core of who we are is always present and guiding us; it is very subtle, intuitive, and gentle. Therefore releasing the mind chatter helps us with tuning in to our intuitive side. This is where our best ideas come from, and this is who we truly are. We are not the mind.

Make a habit of meditating for 20 minutes each morning as you awaken. To have a healthy mind, I would encourage you to become aware of your thoughts as you awaken each day. Intend to think about what feels good to you and focus on what is working in your life. Look for the beauty in all things, and look for the things that you appreciate; the more you focus upon the things you have and appreciate, the more good things the Universe will bring into your life experience. Start Journaling after your meditation, and write about what you are grateful for or things you are looking forward to experiencing. You can also create a book of positive aspects and write about all the positive things in your life to create more energy of its liking.

Daydream more often, take nature walks, play with your pets, go dancing with your friends, visit the beach, and enjoy the sunsets for the simple pleasure of feeling good in your own body and appreciation of life. I would encourage you to choose healthy foods and have an exercise regimen because the better you feel, the better your vibration gets. Exercising at least 30 minutes a day helps the brain as well. Find more time for your creative projects, maybe painting, dancing, writing, or singing; all of these things will contribute to the balance of your mind, body, and soul. More than anything, have fun in your life because you can!

Strive to go within each day to check in with your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. Be mindful of the stories that you tell yourself and the way each story feels. Know that beliefs are only thoughts that you continue to think; they are not who/what you are. You have the freedom to choose every thought and belief and to rewrite your life experience.

Anytime we think we want something, it's only because we think we will feel better after obtaining it. The process of meditation and alignment with your inner-self will allow you to feel better regardless of what is manifesting because you will know once your energy is in alignment, the manifestation is a sure thing. You can already feel better on the way to all of your dreams and desires as they are all vibrationally available to you. All it takes is to align to the energy and vibration of feeling satisfied on your way to the manifestation. This will allow you to relax in the present moment and for your desires to flow into you rather than create unnecessary resistance along the way. I would like you to flow with the stream of good coming into you and work with the awareness that Source/God answers and grants all of your desires vibrationally. You are always in control of what comes into your experience.



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