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Integration of the Soul-Self

Updated: May 12, 2020

Integration of the soul-self is to become in full alignment with the source within you. It requires great focus, determination, and transmutation. What do I mean when I say the soul-self? This is a part of us that carries our soul's blueprint, a larger part of who we are, the inner-self who was existing even before we came into this physical reality.

There comes a point in life when we are guided, nudged, and inspired by the integration of our inner-self. It's part of the natural ascension of every soul, to heal and transmute old energy. Some people have a hard time accepting the change, and that is simply because we get used to playing the same old story and are comfortable where we are but we must remember that change is the only constant and that our soul is always in expansion mode.

Our belief systems are often in our way of experiencing and fully embracing our divine soul-self, who is infinite. Letting go of beliefs is not always the easiest process, it can feel like a part of us is dying, which is valid. We get accustomed to a character that we have built over time and we truly think that this is who we are. We have a body avatar with a set of programming, so the unconscious mind keeps on repeating the same thoughts and beliefs. If you think of the integration as updating a program, as you would on a computer, it will be easier to understand and move forward with the new set of energies.

The main reason we experience a body avatar with a set of programming is so that we can transmute the old energy and rise above the conditioning so that we can heal and clear repetitive patterns and live in alignment with Source or God. This is what ascension is all about, its about freedom. As we give attention to unwanted or outdated, we automatically create a vibrational solution for the improvement.

In this new age, we must learn how to let go of old habits, beliefs and ways of being. We must be willing to feel and embrace all emotion that is a result of the letting go process, and be open to allowing new things into our lives. Understanding that we are consciousness incarnated in a body with a set of programming will allow one to be an observer and love the body in all of its changes.

The purpose behind this work is so that we can realize our divine birthright, our true essence, and so that we may exist in high vibration as a collective. No more repeating karma that is not serving our highest good, but being vibrationally connected to the God within us and the infinite abundance of this Universe. The purpose is to take responsibility and do the inner work on an individual basis which will reflect the outcome of the external world at large.

Once we successfully master the alignment to the source within, we have no more fear, we understand that we are infinite, and true freedom begins. This is what many Ascended Masters such as Jesus and Buddha taught; finding God within oneself. I am a believer that every person has the ability to heal themselves as long as they have the awareness needed in order to transcend the old paradigm. Once we look within and go to the root, vibrationally we can move mountains.

When it comes to the integration of the soul-self, first we must accept ourselves and our reality as it is. This is where compassion and love is crucial, having love and being at ease with what is will allow a smooth transition into the new. Soul integration cannot be rushed, it is a natural occurrence and requires focus, patience, ease, and flow.

This process can be uncomfortable because we are not used to addressing our inner self or our inner child, who wants to be loved and included in all that we do. All it takes is awareness, and taking time every day to sit still, breathe and allow the resistance within you to subside. As you relax and breathe, acknowledge your inner-self and let her/him know that you love them, that you will always be there for them and that you will never abandon them. Re-assure your inner child that you are an adult now, who is capable and willing to take good care of you. Invite your inner child into your new world of love, awareness, and co-creation.

As you continue to include your inner child into your new life, you will notice that you will start to let go of the past easily and that you will be able to move forward with ease. You must be at ease with yourself and apply forgiveness as needed. Your reality will continue to evolve and shift in many ways, that's why its important to develop daily self-love practice such as meditation, breathing techniques, silent walks, journaling and nurturing yourself in any way you find fit.

As you become one with your inner-self and come into alignment with the Source within you, many new possibilities and opportunities will come your way, but most importantly you will be living in love and freedom. You will listen to your heart in every case and allow it to take the lead, the heart was always leading but this time it will be in alignment with the mind. This allows you to transcend the third dimensional way of living and experiencing life.

Lastly, please take it easy, we are not in a rush to get anywhere. Be open to new information and ideas which is what will expand your consciousness. Integration with the soul-self requires patience, as the plants need water and soil, so does the inner child, to grow and express itself fully. So nurture yourself, address your inner child and make conscious decisions to love yourself for all that you are.

With love,


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