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Meditation Definition and Techniques

Updated: May 12, 2020

In this post I intend to touch base upon meditation. To give you a simple yet powerful way of navigating through your meditation experience.

Purpose of meditation is to connect with the larger part of who you are; your soul or your higher self. You may think of it as blending your physical self with your non-physical counterpart who existed even before you were born into this physical reality.

Meditation is one of the best and most effective tools when it comes to connecting to who we are. It is a way of allowing our inner self to be present and heard. When we meditate, all we are doing is quieting our mind in order to allow the inner self to be expressed. This is very important to remember. It is not that we are trying to go into a trance of any sort but rather quieting the everyday mind chatter in order to hear the heart and our inner self.

Each and every one of us has an inner being or source, which is our souls essence or blueprint. When we project our consciousness into our bodies we get senses to perceive with, we have the mind which is to protect us and make logical decisions in order to create what we want to create but we also have the higher self, always involved and guiding us from an energetic standpoint. The point is to find balance, this is where meditation comes into place. You are literally giving yourself a chance to align with who you are.

Our body is a vehicle through which Spirit is expressed. We chose a physical body through which we create on Earth and we are always driven and supported by the larger part of who we are - this part of us is focused upon everything that is important to us.

It is important for our well-being and creation to connect to the higher self on a daily basis as this is where all of our best ideas come from. If we were to learn to follow these impulses we would feel clarity, bliss and joy more of the time and live in excitement about what is unfolding in our reality. We can always know if we are in alignment with our soul by what we are feeling and what is manifesting in our physical reality.

Meditating 15-20 minutes a day is enough and doable. Every morning as soon as we wake up, we have a fresh new momentum which is the best time to meditate because it allows us to shift our focus inwards instead of thinking about all of the things on our to-do list right away. We can start a positive momentum each morning no matter what is happening in our lives.

As we sleep, our momentum subsides and if we give ourselves the 15 minutes on a fresh rested mind; we will start to build positive momentum which will lead to changes in our reality within a short period of time. We will start receiving ideas which will improve our overall life experience. When I started meditating, I’ve noticed people around me started to shift too, in a matter of 6 months my life had been completely changed for the better.

Here are some helpful methods:

It's important to give yourself the permission to relax and receive.

1. Relax your entire body, all of the muscles, even the facial. You can squeeze all your muscles very tightly for 5 seconds and then release to get the extra relaxation. You can also imagine all of your muscles relaxing, one by one starting from your feet all the way up to the scalp.

2. Four count breathing technique; breathe in on a count to four, hold breath for four seconds, exhale on a count to four, hold four seconds, and repeat. Always make sure to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through the mouth.

3. Focus on a steady sound, such as the A/C, a fan, music, rain, white noise, or guided meditation voice. You can also download a white noise app.

4. Focus on your breath. Really be mindful of breathing though your diaphragm and filling up a full belly, and with each exhale releasing tension.

5. When you inhale, you may imagine inhaling source white light, a healing light, or a golden light and exhaling all resistance and old energy. That healing light can enter through your crown chakra or your feet.

6. You may visualize yourself sitting on a train platform watching blue sky and white clouds. As your thoughts come in you may perceive them as the trains passing by. As a thought "train" comes in you can acknowledge it and let it go as you imagine the train take off. Then continue observing the blue sky and clouds until you are clear of thoughts. Always remember to be mindful of your breathing.

7. “The Energy of Prayer” written by Thich Nhat Hanh is a really good book with lots of meditation practices.

You can meditate in a sitting position or laying down, whatever feels more comfortable for you.

Keep in mind that if you are focused upon three things at once; the music, your breath and the blue sky or A/C you will be able to release thoughts and come into the space of stillness. You might also feel body sensations which is all normal.

If you can run a diffuser with essential oils that's a plus.

Most important part of meditation is breathing, for breathing is life force and through breathing Spirit is present. As we leave our physical bodies Spirit no longer flows life force through it - this is a good thought to ponder in regards to the importance of breathing.

Happy Meditating!


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