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New Earth Changes (Spiritual Perspective)

In this post, I intend to share the spiritual perception of current changes on our planet. Healers all over the world have been talking about the New Earth for many years now; it is a new era, a shift in vibration on our planet, and a time when we move from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian. This shift happens roughly every two thousand years. We are undergoing a collapse of the old world while building anew. As a result, we are witnessing collective awakening and realizing that we are all in this together. 

Awakening always comes with the death of the old, and while parts of us might feel like they are dying, the result of the rebirth is worthwhile. Every single being in this Universe is vibrationally connected. We are being pushed to realize unity while experiencing separation in the physical. Without the contrast, we cannot put into place, embody, and create the changes we are seeking. 

Current issues that we see in the world are not new; these issues have been a part of our reality for many years, some of which we were oblivious to. We have to understand that these issues must be addressed. It is like a wound that needs attention. First, it needs to be acknowledged, dressed with antiseptic, and the last step is the placement of bandage. In the past, we addressed world problems by placing a bandage on it, thinking someone else will take care of it, or things would resolve themselves.  

In this new age, the situation requires a different process, a process where everyone has to take full responsibility for their vibration, thoughts, beliefs, and actions. We have to do everything we can to embody the change we want to see externally. We are being initiated into greater expansion, but we must find ways to release and clear, conditioning, and old ways of being. Self-mastery is required to understand not only yourself but other people whom we share this beautiful world with; we are all brothers and sisters.

When we are unawakened, we are operating from the ego; driven by our beliefs, greed, status, fear, power, and control. As we awaken, we create from the heart; we are driven by unconditional love, forgiveness, trust, compassion, and alignment to Source.

What we are experiencing on a global scale is the collective unconscious and shadow. We have to be able to truly see the shadow for what it is to bring light and healing into it. Darkness and shadow only mean a lack of light. As you continue healing on your own, you will automatically draw healing into any situation. There is a pattern of fear and control which has been instilled from generation to generation. All of us are wounded, conditioned, or programmed in some way. Currently, every human being should be questioning their beliefs, are we operating from the heart or the mind? Which beliefs are we still holding on to just because someone we trusted taught them to us, without realizing that same person was also a victim of fear and manipulation. Beliefs are only repetitive thoughts.

We are going to continue seeing stories pop up, corruption, abuse, and all sorts of things that need to be cleared. It's important not to let these things affect you in negative ways; being aware and deliberate of your thoughts and emotions is part of the process. Knowing who you are inside and standing strong for what you believe in is always love, compassion, unity, and peace; this is the core root of every human. Anytime you get triggered, go back into your heart and find the love that you are. We are all in this together, but we are also designed to operate from an individual standpoint. While vibrationally and energetically connected, we individually project our consciousness through our bodies. 

One of the major things that we are currently addressing and clearing is fear. We are learning that fear is an illusion; in coaching terms, fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. While there is much fear that we can observe in the external world, there is more peace and love within our selves that can be attained at any moment. We choose what to focus upon or believe. We create more of whatever we are focused upon by giving it our life force and energy. It is wonderful to be aware, but to get yourself wrapped up in issues and fear is not beneficial. We cannot find a resolution from the state of being consumed by the dilemma, because problem and solution are opposite to one another on a vibrational scale. 

You have the power to perceive your reality and not get emotionally attached to it; you can choose how much time you want to spend observing any specific thing. Knowing that we are all connected energetically, it only makes sense that when we heal ourselves individually, we are also changing the world vibrationally. 

Some of my tips would be to sit with yourself in silence more often, let go of distractions, and be the observer of your vessel. This process will allow you to realize your unconscious thoughts and create a stronger connection to your inner being. Once you fully embody your core views and love, you will be able to shine the world powerfully. Know that nothing new can be born from the same old stories and ways of being, we have to let the old things go and get up to speed with what we vibrationally desire to experience as a collective.

As the Earth is experiencing a shift in vibration, so are we, we are part of the Earth. Building a stronger connection to the Earth will be a huge change due to the shifts that are occurring right now. People will start taking care of the Earth and becoming mindful of their carbon footprint.

Humanity is already learning that Earth can heal herself, that she is a living being; it's time to treat her as our mother. The best thing for all souls is to meditate daily, to heal and release old views, traumas, and negative tendencies. Question all of your beliefs and make sure that they come from a place of love and well-being, rather than fear, lack, or shortage consciousness. Awareness and information are what will cause change within each soul and our planet. All is connected, all is one, related in love.  

I love you all.


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