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New Earth Shift

Updated: May 12, 2020

In this article I want to speak about being in the now and embracing our true Divine self. My intention is to shine some light on stepping into the new energies with grace and ease.

As we ascend into new vibrations and states of being, it is of utmost importance to release the old ideas, beliefs, patterns, ways of thinking, preconceived notions and release all expectations. Because these new energis are different than what we have ever experienced, we are to learn ways to allow and flow with the new energies naturally and get out of our own way of expecting how we think the future should unfold. I also want to mention to connect with our hearts more often and balance the heart and mind connection.

Keep in mind, the path is designed to be pretty simple and not something we should work really hard for which would in turn deplete us out of our own energy flow. It is our Divine right to work with energies in sync and manifest with ease by tending to our focus and emotions.

Only focus upon what you wish to create and remember that where attention goes, energy flows. This Universe is based on attraction, not exclusion. We want to stay in the now and appreciate each moment. To find the satisfaction in the now and flow with the energies of each day is mastery. It takes a conscious and deliberate individual to appreciate being-ness.

By tuning into our emotions we can tell between when the source within us is in alignment with what we are experiencing because of the positive emotion we feel in that moment. When we experience a negative emotion that means that we are not in alignment with the way source within us feels about what we are focused upon. Using our own discernment and intuition is the best way to consciously create what we came here to create and to stay in alignment.

This is the time to start feeling ourselves through “each moment” of our lives and let go of control, let go of attachments as well as what we thought we already knew or expected.

In order to step into higher dimensions and vibrations with ease, it is helpful to be open to new experiences and to release any fear or doubt. We need to exist in a state of appreciation and love, eager about what is to come and knowing that only good is before us.

This time is nothing like we have ever experienced before (at least not in these bodies). All of us are expanding our consciousness, which means we are ripe for totally new experiences. With this being said, we don’t always have to know the why’s and how’s, it’s about trusting in the Universe and doing the inner work to align with what is before us. Embracing the changes and the unknown will activate and lead us into the new multidimensional experiences. Staying in the now and creating from this space is key!

As we expand and tap into our abilities more often, we are one by one awakening to the truth of who we are, therefore we no longer apply to the conditioning and programing we have been exposed to. Once we start to exist in trust and in that realization of how powerful we are while doing the inner work, our vibration starts to improve and everything in our world starts to shift and move forward.

As we get new upgrades, we are unlocking the true versions of who we are and during this time we might get triggered in order to release the old, this is why it’s important to stay balanced in the now without giving into the distractions or what has been. Just stay open to what your higher self is ready for. Welcome the triggers and learn from them.

Balancing the mind, body and soul by meditating, eating healthy, exercising and focusing on things and people that help you expand or unlock your true nature is the way to go.

We are all Spirit on a path. Each and every one of us is on a spiritual path and this is why it's important to trust that the Universe will supply us with all we need as we align with our higher self or higher vibrations in order to manifest and experience the reality we came to experience. One of the things we can start doing is creating new affirmations to reprogram our mind into the core frequency of who we are and to trigger the new way of being, this is a beautiful way to release the programing we have been accustomed to. A good time for affirmations would be every morning after meditation or while sleeping.

Another tool would be a releasing ritual. Releasing rituals help you write and anchor the release on a paper and release it into the Earth with love, it is an action oriented release which is extremely powerful.

My main message in this post is to take it easy, release what doesn't serve you, stay receptive and expect the unexpected. Stay in loving vibrations, without judgement, while being consciously connected and operating from the heart space. Energy is fluid and we have the power and ability to mold it in each moment in ways that will fulfill and satisfy us.

Sometimes we want to know the how’s and why’s but it is not really necessary as this Universe is in flow with nature. Sometimes what’s in store is more than what our human minds can comprehend. We are creating the New Earth experience but we must stay in the now.


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