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New Moon Manifestation Ceremony

New Moon is all about manifestation. It is a time of planting our intentions into the Earth. Moon cycles work in tandem with each other, as we plant new seeds of intention during New Moon phases, at the approach of the next Full moon, our intentions will start to manifest. The full moon is a time of releasing and letting go of that which is not serving us, as the moon is full--it reflects to us all of the things that we need to be clearing out of our lives. A full moon can be pretty intense because things come to surface but a new moon feels like a renewal of energy. A new moon is good for starting new projects, cleansing our body by juicing, staring a new diet, traveling, and setting new manifestation goals. 

When it comes to timing, there is always a three to six days shadow period before and after the moon cycles, with that being said we can perform ceremonies anytime within this period. A lot of people feel the moon energy a week before it is full or new. I like to do my ceremonies the day of and/or a couple days after the moon phase. For example, if it’s raining outside the day of the full moon I will wait until the next day because I intended to do a fire ceremony outside, this will work because I’m still under the energy of the full moon. 

As it concerns the New Moon ceremony, there are many ways to anchor manifestations. One of my favorite ways is to program crystals and set intentions into seeds. You can use any kind of seeds you have. During New Moon cycles I like to work with Mother Earth, I like to give offerings and prayers to her. If you are not doing a ceremony outside, you can always have one near your altar or a plant. I would suggest smudging yourself and your space, gathering crystals, incense, candles, and playing healing or relaxing music. I always advise that you call in your Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Source, Angels, your inner being, the four elements, or any Gods or Goddesses that you like to work with. Make sure that you invite Spirit in everything you do. It is good to cultivate a morning ritual to invite your Guides every day. 

I will share a couple of examples below on how to perform New Moon ceremonies, both can be done alone or in a group setting. 

For the ceremony using seeds, I suggest having a pen and paper handy so that you can write down your desires, big and small. Write as many manifestations you would like to see in your life and when you are done, center yourself, take a seed, close your eyes, and envision each manifestation going into its own seed, so if you have ten manifestations written, make sure that you have ten seeds for each one. You can envision your manifestation growing with the seed and sprouting. Once you are done you can lay the seeds out during the night of the new moon energy and wait until the next day when you can plant the seeds into the Earth or feed them to the birds. You can also plant them inside your house or whatever calls to you. 

Now onto my favorite way of practicing New Moon Ceremony. I will gather crystals, incense, seeds, tobacco, fruit, water, and if you are a female; your moon. I will bring up this topic of the feminine moon in my next posts. Below is a picture of what I used in today's ceremony.

This ceremony is in the form of an offering, where we can still program the seeds and crystals but we are setting the intention to give back to Mother Earth as we manifest. In this ceremony, I still advise clearing your energy with sage or palo santo. I would take my crystal, put it onto my heart space, and activate it with love or gratitude, set the intention for Earth to heal and help us all heal. I would envision a world in unity and peace. Then, I will take tobacco and do the same, put it over my heart, express my gratitude to our ancestors, send them love and appreciation for protecting us, say words of gratitude for everything they have done for us. I will then bless the Earth and all of her inhabitants with the tobacco. You can also smoke tobacco in a pipe or roll it and say blessings or prayers out loud. I like to smoke my tobacco in a pipe, with every smoke I take, I say a prayer.

It's good to find a tree where you can dig and give offerings to. I will also bring some fruits and incense just to offer to the Earth because she offers so much to us. I make sure to pour water over my offerings so she receives them with ease and so she is nourished. I also bless the water. I usually like to say affirmative prayers such as:

“Spirit I thank you for all of the blessings on Earth, thank you for the well-being that abounds, thank you for the water, all of the plants, thank you for life, thank you for healing and protecting us and our children. Thank you for guiding us to make the right choices in order to inspire and help the children reach their true potential. I thank you for all of the encouragement, strength, and guidance in my life. Thank you to my guides who are assisting me every day and all of the teachers on my path. Thank you Spirit for protecting all of the animals, for cultivating more love in our hearts so that we may treat them with care and respect. I pray that humanity comes together and awakens to our true potential. Thank you for helping me manifest my desires into the physical realm.”

Now, these prayers are what is important to me personally, but you can create and intend anything that your heart desires. You may plant the seeds and crystals into the Earth and she will help you manifest.

There is no right or wrong way to perform ceremonies, the intention is the most important thing. Your intention is so powerful, often more powerful than action. Make sure to always follow your intuition and work with an open heart. Continue staying mindful of the moon phases and see what happens during the next Full moon, what manifestations come to fruition, and what needs to be released. 

Happy New Moon & Earth Day!


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