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Nurturing the Twin Flame Connection

Updated: May 11, 2020

In this post I intend to bring clarity, healing and guidance in regards to nurturing the SELF within one's Twin Flame connection.

It is crucial to realize that as much as this connection is about two individuals who activate one another, it is, more importantly, a connection that reflects who you truly are, and therefore, it is all about you and nurturing the connection with your inner being and source. It is a connection that teaches unconditional love, self-love, detachment, non-judgment, non-expectation, forgiveness, acceptance, self-worth, allowing, receptivity, existence beyond the physical plane, realizing our Divine Blueprint and much more.

What most twins go through is a phase of wanting their union to happen without completely and entirely doing the inner work, therefore they neglect their own connection to source or who they are. When this happens, one is not addressing their wounds or conditioning and mostly not in the receiving mode because you cannot feel lack and be receptive.

I have found it extremely important to address the wounding, acknowledge and heal it by tuning ourselves to the frequency of who we are.

Another important aspect of this connection is understanding and realizing that we were always complete and whole on our own. It becomes almost impossible to realize our wholeness and completeness if we are expecting a union to complete us or be a catalyst for our own satisfaction. This is where self-mastery comes into place.

No matter what happens within your Twin Flame connection, you must decide to choose yourself first and you must find a way to love yourself more than you love your twin. No matter where you are along your journey, whichever stage, it is important to do what makes you happy and focus on the things that speak to your heart because it is crucial for manifestation to tune into the frequency of your desires and align with it's vibration.

You have to find a way to be satisfied in the now. I am sure there is at least one thing we can focus upon that we can be satisfied with. This practice allows our vibration to rise. Remember that when you are focused upon the lack of union, you are not in the vibration of allowing it to come into your experience.

I understand that it can be tough changing certain belief systems, conditioning, or expectations because the momentum is already there. I understand that it takes practice and determination in order to create new awareness and experiences. make you satisfied. Once we activate new vibrations and introduce them in our daily lives, we shift the energy and can, therefore, become more enlightened within our own being.

When you activate a new vibration that speaks to you, it is important to remember not to activate the old again and to completely let go. I understand that it takes practice and determination in order to create new awareness and experiences.

So how do we activate new vibrations and shift the momentum? Doing anything when it comes to self love is amazing for the start; such as daily meditation, daily journaling about the things we appreciate, spa days and creating positive affirmations each day. Going out more, socializing, meeting new friends, changing diet, starting a new exercise program, changing our hair color, changing our location, changing our jobs, signing up for school, learning new skills, becoming a minimalist, adopting a pet, expanding our spiritual practice, getting into a new relationship, and so forth.

Now, I understand I have mentioned a new relationship and I know that a lot of twins would maybe disagree with this but I just want you to think for a second and ask yourself what if another person I meet is a catalyst to learn something new about myself and to detach myself from my Twin Flame outcome? What if I was meant to experience another person before I even come into union? What if it was a lesson that would in turn help me heal? In this case you have to be completely honest with YOURSELF & listen to your intuition. In any case you have to make sure that this would be an expansive, spiritually driven relationship.

I know that Twins are either on the "I am waiting for my Twin forever and I am staying single for the rest fo my life" or "I am going to do what makes me happy in the moment and choose myself" train. There is nothing wrong with any of these options, it just depends on where you are along your journey and what your situation is like. You will always know what to do as you let your intuition guide you.

Remember that you can never mess up when it comes to this connection and that your Twin is also learning similar lessons. Your twin is learning unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance and compassion. Things are neither good nor bad; everything is a matter of one's perception and being in touch with what we are needing in each moment. Look for the fun and joy as you explore this connection rather than the lack of physical union.

Learn how to let go of outcomes, attachments, thinking or perceiving, let go of judgement, let go of expectation or codependency and nurture the connection with yourself. Give yourself whatever you need in each moment. Wake up every morning, look in the mirror and say to yourself "I love you" "Show me what I can do to make you happy today".

Just because you have met your Twin and you are not in union, life does not stop there. You must realize that you are whole and show yourself that you and your own satisfaction is the most important aspect of your life. You are not here to be judged or follow a portocol. You are here to explore life to the fullest and to move the world in new directions, you deserve to give yourself the love that you ARE!

Be gentle with yourself, realize your Divine Blueprint as you tune into the frequency of letting in what you want.

Celebrate your Mastery!

Love you all, Unconditionally


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