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​Releasing Negative Judgment​​

Updated: May 12, 2020

In this post, I was guided to talk about judgment and to share a healthy vs. unhealthy way of comparing ourselves to others. I should note that judgment and freedom are the opposite of one another. Freedom is our birthright; Source, Creator, or God gave us a free will to choose every thought and experience. In my being, I feel extreme amounts of love coming straight from Source---towards everything that is. We are so loved that we are given the freedom to choose, have, be, and do whatever we want.

The most dominant vibration on this planet is love; that is how we were created---using the vibration of love and the law of mentalism. To know true love, one must master unconditional self-love and understand that judgment stands no chance in a vibration of love. When you love something or someone truly, you will love them no matter what they choose. This honors the free will in another and doesn't alter the way you feel or bring up any negative judgments.

Our creator is pure unconditional love, which encompasses acceptance, awareness, freedom, compassion, understanding, and so forth. Conditional love says I will love you if you do the things that make me feel good---which means that my emotional state and happiness depends on another. Unconditional love says I love you---and myself no matter what we are experiencing because I have the power and ability to focus myself on feeling the love within.

From the start, we are brought up believing that at some point or another, when we die, our actions and choices will be judged. I believe this conditioning is how the judgment between humans came about. We judge outside of ourselves because we somehow think there is a right or wrong way when it comes to life; this is far from the truth. We are all unique, and in that matter, we have unique needs and life experiences to choose from.

We also judge ourselves; the way we handle things, we judge the past, the way we look, feel, the amount of success we acquire, we judge our actions. On top of all of this, we compare ourselves to others. On an individual level, that comparison is sometimes needed to determine what we truly want and to get inspired. It is only when we judge in the way of "that is wrong" or "I am better" or "why do they have to have it all" that we are allowing our ego to play.

This is where acceptance becomes crucially important. Accepting and honoring ourselves first and foremost will allow and teach us to accept another. It is everyone's God-given gift to be free, to express themselves in ways that best suit them, to make choices according to their own unique set of experiences. There is no right or wrong; life is a matter of choice to grow and expand into more. It's a matter of following our own unique passions.

When I say there is no right or wrong, I genuinely mean it. Life is to be explored fully and entirely without judgment, just exploration, to learn, to witness, to feel, to experience, to create, to embody and to be a part of. Living freely allows us to mold our experiences into what we truly desire.

Our lives are very short in these bodies, and that is why I believe that every one of us should feel comfortable using their gifts of freedom. To not feel shameful, unacceptable, different, or fearful to express who we are.

We do not have to agree with another's choice, and we certainly do not have to support it. Still, we can release negative judgment and understand that everyone is operating from their awareness, state of consciousness and personal desire. Releasing judgment frees both souls. It is an honor to all individuals to be honest and communicative with one another, to simply say, this does not work for me, or this is something that I would not give my energy to. However, I will hold a high vibration for you and still love and accept you for who you choose to be.

Every soul should do whatever feels best for them. During this time on our planet, we are learning to honor our differences and move past the outdated belief systems. I encourage you to go out into your world and start paying attention to the way you feel when it comes to what you are experiencing. Are you placing a judgment on the way someone is behaving and does this trigger you? Are you placing judgment on your past choices? It can be anything.

Once you have caught yourself in judgment, try to go to the root and ask yourself the question, where does this belief system come from? Then choose to stay in love and acceptance of the way things are and do anything that feels best for you and your own life experience. When we acknowledge the root of the belief system within, we can then transmute it into love and what works for us at this point in time.

Remember that every person and experience is a reflection of what is going on within us. In most cases, when we are judged, it is the other person acting out of their own insecurities or perception. Even on a collective scale of humanity, what is presenting itself is the shadow which we are not addressing. We look outside ourselves for validation, we judge others, we cover our own wounds, we hide behind a mask and deny our shadow side while pointing mistakes in others without noticing that is a reflection within.

We are all in this together, connected to the same Source and expanding into more as a result of our experiences.

To conclude this, I'd like to say that we live in a society that will judge and give their personal opinion on anything you do or choose. None of us are the same, but from our differences, we are expanding. Differences are what makes this world move in the ways that serves all that is. All of us have a sense of judgment and comparison. As you find more patience, love, and acceptance towards yourself and others, you will find the inner alignment to all that is. This is a healthy way of honoring freedom in another, and their decision to create as they wish.

Love and Light to All


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