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Reprogram Your Life for the New Earth

We are living in a time on Earth where the vibration of the planet is rising and evolving. Many people are seeing extreme changes around them and in their personal lives. This natural change is occurring in order to shift us to live in harmony and connection, but we will have to release the things which are not working in order to get to harmony. We are collapsing old paradigms and moving into a time of uncertainty, the changes which we are witnessing, we have not seen before. This means that we are being called to adapt to new feelings, vibrations, energies, and lifestyles. As the Earth changes her vibration, so will we.

When we talk about the New Earth, we are taking into consideration the planetary vibrational shifts as well as the shifting from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian. We are stepping into a New Era. With these shifts, we will get a chance to change our lives for the better. What we are asked to do is to cultivate a connection with Spirit, to be present in each moment, and nurture the most natural aspects of life. We are asked to live mindfully and with purpose.

As a result of these planetary and vibrational changes, we will not be able to exist in the old paradigm with ease, the Universe will continue to challenge those who choose to continue playing out their karmic cycles without working on reprogramming and healing those patterns. Some of those signs will be the collapsing of the lives we already knew, many partnerships, especially karmic ones will be falling apart, our lifestyles, connections, and jobs will be changing. This is a change in a better direction even though at the moment it may seem heavy and chaotic; we cannot have a better future unless we make space for it.

For as long as we know it, humans have been conditioned and programmed into living a life that is mainly masculine driven. Many lives are also superficial and focused on attaining money, status, material possessions, and so forth. None of these things carry meaningful substance because they are not everlasting, neither do they help the planet. For example, getting a new car, house, or any kind of possession will only make you happy momentarily, but if you are not doing the inner work to connect with your natural source of alignment and happiness, you will continue to chase things outside of yourself in order to attain it, and you will continue to feel like something is missing.

This is the new shift in which mother Earth is guiding all of us to step into, to live a life with purpose and connection. As we shift into the New Earth, it will not be an easy process for many, because we have been detached from our inner source for so many years. It will not be a comfortable process until we are ready and willing to heal these inner programs, trauma, and wounds. Healing is always the first step towards living our truth and releasing that which no longer serves us. There are many ways of healing our wounds, but the first step is acknowledging that we are in need of healing, and having the desire to deeply look inside of ourselves without projecting our wounds onto others or continuing to create more karmic patterns that will keep us trapped in the third dimensional way of living. Dimensions are states of being, the higher we vibrate, the higher in dimensions we can exist and co-create.

As you continue to heal and clear the old patterns, it’s important to cultivate a daily practice for you to nurture the connection to your inner being and source. Set daily intentions in everything that you are doing. Don’t be afraid to confront and look into the aspects of yourself which are causing you to repeat old cycles and lessons. We cannot heal ourselves until we have an awareness of what to heal, we have to go into the root of our wounds in order to liberate ourselves. With this shift, you will find yourself detaching from many individuals and situations, as your vibration rises and shifts, so will everything else. The best thing to do is surrender to the process and listen to your intuition which will be heightened. Some people will find that they want to spend more alone time, this will be the quality time that you need in order to get to know yourself better and release all distractions.

In order to reprogram your mind, you will need to become aware of your thoughts, and the best thing, in this case, is to cultivate a daily meditation practice for at least 20 minutes. In your meditation, strive to release all of your thoughts in order to be able to hear your inner self. Meditation is all about the stillness of the mind, as you release your thoughts you also release your stress and worries, you will become lighter and happier the more you practice. Once you become completely still with your thoughts, you are giving your inner being a chance to send you clear messages.

Be mindful of your breathwork, it is not necessary to listen to a guided meditation, the best thing you can do is be in silence and maybe listen to the fan, or your A/C as you breathe in and out. Focus on your breathing and a steady sound. With this practice, you will become more deliberate in choosing your thoughts; since thoughts create, you will start to cultivate a new momentum of creating your reality in a way that will serve your life and your purpose. You will be in alignment with the truth of your soul and in concert with Source or God.

Reprogramming your mind requires you to start thinking differently, to remove the old programming, and to utilize new tools that will allow you to manifest with ease. It’s also helpful to start changing some of the old habits and beliefs about yourself. In order to change old habits, all that is needed is to find new ones that are healthier and override the unhealthy patterns. Through this practice you will start to cultivate more self-love, you will start to care for your body, choose healthier foods, thoughts, and actions. Spending more alone time with nature will teach you many things about yourself and the world in which you exist. Try to avoid social media, news, television, or anything else that is outside of yourself, unless it is productive and positive in nature which will help you along your path, such as informative documentaries. Know that your mind is powerful and that it creates more of what you are observing and inviting into your consciousness and energetic field.

This is our time to shine, it is time for a change, the entire planet is calling for us to awaken and cultivate meaningful lives with purpose. Things will change for the better once we make the decision to embody the changes which we are seeking.

With Love,


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