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Spiritual Awakening Process

Spiritual awakening is an initial awareness of something greater than what has already been experienced, something greater than just the physical reality. It is the search for souls deepest desires, the uncovering of the true soul self and connection to the core frequency of who we are.

Spiritual awakening is the realization that we are more than our bodies. A realization that there are other realms of existence to be experienced and felt. When we spiritually awaken, we start to see the truth and tap into higher vibrations, our consciousness rapidly expands and we often get many synchronicities which confirm to us that indeed, there is something greater to be experienced. This is the time of releasing old habits, belief systems and conditioning.

Awakening process happens naturally and there are practices such as balancing the mind, body and soul with proper nutrients, meditation, exercise and gaining knowledge on spiritual topics that will allow for a smoother path to enlightenment and the clarity we are seeking. Willingness to delve into the unknown is key.

Again, you will get many synchronicities which will be tailored to your own unique life experience that will help you immensely through the process. The point is to stay aware, pay attention to our intuition and inner guidance as we expand our consciousness.

When we start to awaken to the essence of our soul, we tend to take time for the self to go within and in most cases withdraw from others, we spend a lot of alone time (hermit mode) purging and releasing everything we have been accustomed to which does not align with who we are to the core.

Most people feel the urge to make major life decisions such as move, change their appearance, change or quit their jobs, rearranging of outdated relationships and so forth. Usually there is a series of catalytic events which activate the change.

This process in not always easy but in the end it is the most rewarding and fulfilling feeling that one can ever achieve. There is a lot of purging and letting go when we start to awaken. It’s the process of getting to know our soul self as we let go of the character we have created since birth.

During this time we allow the true self to be expressed and we realize that ego is part of the character that we play in the physical realm. Ego is not always bad, finding balance between the soul and ego strength is the sweet spot. Ego strength in most cases is there to protect us, when we find balance and operate from the heart space, we know that we have accessed ego strength. We also treat others with respect and we appreciate all of life.

Spiritual awakening comes in stages, depending on where each and every one of us is when it comes to our beliefs, our receptivity, how comfortable we are with otherworldly subjects and how much desire we have to change will result in the amount of new information received. We get as much as we are ready for, as we create our reality every step of the way.

It is very important for us to continue doing the inner work on a daily basis, as when new “levels” of awareness are reached and our alignment with our souls becomes greater, we do require an upkeep. It is as if we were playing an instrument, we need to continue practicing in order to perfect our skills and stay in the flow of it. Similar work and dedication needs to be applied when we are awakening to who we are; keeping the momentum of allowing.

We need to love ourselves and others enough to forgive anything from the past so that we may move into the future healed and ready for our best life. Doing inner work daily helps the soul to shine through and strengthen our connection with Spirit.

It’s important to continue asking questions and to do what feels right in order to maintain our alignment. We should remember to practice meditation, mindfulness and to shift our focus towards the wanted. We are an instrument through which Spirit is present, we manifest that which is in our thoughts and emotions.

The journey of self discovery and awakening continues as we undergo a series of experiences which take us into greater understanding and challenge our belief systems which we have been accustomed to since birth.

As the world and our consciousness evolves, so do we - we will never cease to expand. With that being said; the path to enlightenment is an eternal path which will provide us with greater understanding and greater ideas on expansion of our Universe.

We get to discover unlimited possibilities of who we are and what we are capable of creating. Forgiveness, compassion and love are the key components of healthy awakening.

I also want to remind you that you have all of the answers within you in order to recognize and tap into who you are, no other human being is needed in regards to your growth, healing or spiritual awakening, although it can serve you immensely to connect with others, share experiences and gain beneficial knowledge that will help you along your spiritual path.

You are designed in way that you are capable of healing yourself and discovering your truth. All it takes is to ask for guidance and allow it to flow through you.. You are the only one who knows yourself best so fully trust in yourself, your abilities and be fearless when it comes to what you wish to create!

Every experience is unique in it’s own way and that's why it’s important to keep listening to your impulses, your intuition and your heart. Continue to stay receptive to who you are and embrace every part of your soul as you move forward.

Happy Awakening!

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