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The Art of No Thought

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

This week I've been contemplating on the Art of No Thought. I am calling it art because it is art; we are using our creative energy to be still, present, and not allowing the monkey mind or repetitive thoughts to create themselves for us. We are taking charge and deliberately creating our soul's full expression. No thought, is a form of art, indeed. It's a process of learning to let your soul speak instead of the already programmed mind.

There isn't anything wrong with the programmed mind, it is there to protect and serve us, but we have not guided our body and our being to be able to express itself fully. In most cases, the mind was developed and influenced by fear and is operating under the fear programming. We haven't learned to utilize the mind in ways that serves our highest good. When we have constant mind chatter and repetitive thoughts, it becomes hard to allow the soul to speak or for the inner spirit to be heard.

To utilize our creative energy fully and to thrive in the most expansive ways, we need to allow our innermost self to express itself. Talk to your inner self throughout the day, make her/him aware that your intention is to balance yourself completely and allow your soul+heart to lead the way. Speak out loud that you want your heart to take the lead. Know that the outer experience does not define you, it is just bouncing off-platform in which you play and allow yourself to expand into more.

This is why meditation is extremely important. It is only after I meditate and center myself into complete stillness that I can allow myself to receive thoughts, but not only allow, to know that these were not my own thoughts----that I have received them from my inner being.

I encourage you to practice No Thought throughout your day when you go out for your walk or are on the way to the store, or anything that you are doing---try to have no thought. Simply focus inwards, release what you are thinking about and/or find a steady sound to focus upon. I like to focus on the air conditioning vent, the birds, the wind, or some really nice meditative---high vibrational music. This practice will help you with mastering your alignment even in the midst of everyday life.

Let's face it, most of us don't have an opportunity to sit in a cave or in complete silence without any distractions these days. This means it becomes complex to reach the state of enlightenment, especially if we are not mindful and deliberate about every thought. Do all of your thoughts serve you? Can you discern between conscious and unconscious thoughts? Do you catch yourself almost running on autopilot? If so, please spend some time with yourself every day---30 minutes is enough. Release, Tune in, Be.

This practice might take some time, and it will be different for everyone, the most important thing to keep in mind is not to give up. Just keep releasing thoughts and focusing on the steady sound, embrace the stillness, the silence, the nothingness. There is much beauty to be discovered in silence. This is where we learn that we are not our bodies, not our mind and not our emotions. We are not our experiences. We are a Divine Soul witnessing a physical existence.

It is best to start doing this process in the morning before your brain gets on the train of thoughts, but continue practicing throughout the day whenever you get a chance. I understand that all of us have to-do lists and responsibilities but we can still complete all of our tasks and find time for self and no thought, such as on our way to work. It might be a 15-minute practice of no thought and in that 15 minutes, you might receive an insight from your soul about something really important or an idea that will help your day be much smoother. It might be nothing at all, but I promise that if anything, you will become more present in everything that you are doing and it will create an inspiring flow.

It is important to note that when we go into no thought; not to have any expectations of receiving anything. Yes, of course, we will receive thoughts and ideas from our soul self, but that will take some practice and it requires us to be present, still and open to whatever comes through; no expectation is the key. It is a state of just being, honoring the soul self and the light within. This is the art of becoming, becoming a master on the Earth plane.

Manifestation becomes much easier as we continue to train our thoughts into what it is we prefer and into our highest good. Everything is always working out for us, everything exists; it is just a matter of lining up with that vibration and the way to line up is by thought. Every thought has a vibration + emotion, which in turn affects the way we feel about ourselves and our experiences. Getting into a state of no-thought is getting back to basics, and from that general state creating your experience.

Spend more time observing nature, watch the trees be still, appreciate life, for there is so much life and beauty all around us. It's fun to witness life, in fact----it's satisfying. Being alive is a precious gift. Getting back to basics and to what is truly real helps with the process of no thought and stillness.

I hope this helps in any way. I know that for me personally, it helps when I have reminders or different modalities in order to connect, tune in and allow myself to be. I also know that our inner children are waiting to be expressed and ready for us to tap in and play.

Much love,


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