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Twin Flame and Soul Mate Enlightenment

Updated: May 12, 2020

My intention for this post is to bring #enlightenment into the lives of all #TwinFlames.

I will briefly go over what Twin Flames are. They are the same soul blueprint, separated into two bodies who incarnate in order to learn different lessons and mirror one another. Since birth, twins know within that their other half exists and that at some point, they will find one another. What separates twins from soul mates is their souls mission on this planet.

When twins do meet, they become activated and time starts for; literally looking into their souls and releasing all of the conditioning they’ve collected along their life trail. They mirror one another in a way where they are guided to look deep into all their wounds, fears, insecurities, neglects or anything that has been in their way of becoming and being their true soul self.

Twins are here to change the old paradigms of how relationships should be and they are also here to clear certain ancestral karma. This is why they will often choose dysfunctional childhoods and experiences.

There is a lot of TwinFlame information online and while not one twin connection is the same, the main purpose of the Twin Flame connection is to look inside yourself and see where YOU have been neglecting yourself and not allowing yourself to be loved, appreciated and authentic. This connection is all about YOU!

What your twin does clearly mirrors back what you are doing to yourself, so if you think your twin is running, that means that you are running away from yourself and not allowing yourself to be your true essence. This is done by neglecting yourself and not looking deeply inside your wounds and releasing them.

In your mind, you are creating stories and running away from yourself. These stories can go anywhere from “I’m not good enough” to “I don’t deserve it all”, "I am fearful" "I'm unlovable" and whatever else your cultural or social conditioning embedded in you. If you tell yourself that your twin is a runner, you are literally creating this in your mind and using it as an escape not to face your inner insecurities. Ultimately you will get there after some trial and error and you will form desires to help others who are in similar situations which will in the end empower the world to become more unconditional, accepting, forgiving, free of judgement and loving.

Please keep in mind that the #lawofattraction is always working for you. You have to find a way to get past the mind and look inside the soul. The mind is your friend but only if you make it your friend - YOU are in control!

Many people mistake Twin Flame connection with #SoulMates while they are two completely different types of connection. People often think that Twin Flame connections and unions should all come with feathers and harps and divine unconditional love. While this is all true at a certain level, it is also a story that can prolong your Union with your twin and yourself as well, if you don't face the music and do the inner work.

Twin Flame is a divinely blessed connection and it is of the highest vibration, but it does not occur with ease. Again, I will note that this connection will rip your soul open and have you look very deep in order to bring yourself back to life, to bring yourself back to YOU! Healing of the inner child. And with all of this said, the pain, the purging, the confusion and the releasing is well worth it. Your soul always knew what you signed up for, and it has been waiting for YOU to fully align.. Remember, you are one soul, two bodies.

Twins cannot escape the connection, while with a Soul Mate, that could be done. Twin Flames are destined to be together and they can never get one another out of their minds, no matter what, because they are one soul and this connection is unbreakable. They are Divinely guided since birth. They still learn from one another but the pull and the connection is stronger than that of a Soul Mate. Twin Flames can only come to unions when they are healed and completely whole on their own, but soulmates come together whenever. Twin flames come as two whole individuals creating a third energy.

Intuition is key to determine which connection you are in. For example, I have encountered many people who's guides came through to let them know this is their twin and through synchronicities they've gotten many confirmations. You will just know, because you won't be able to get this person out of your mind no matter what.

There are Twin Flame stages in which all twins learn and experience things in order to find and express their inner child again, where they learn to trust and master the alignment to who they are. These stages will depend on their own unique life experiences. Most important aspect is to tune into the #higherself to listen to the intuition and inner knowing.

Twins are never separated energetically, in 5D they are always together, always have been and always will be. It's just the human mind and physicality that sees separation. Once twins come to these terms, it becomes easier to understand the connection and the fact that the physical union will happen once they truly make union within the self and dig deep in order to release that which has been holding them back from fully shinning. Purge, Release, Be Free!

I hope you find this article helpful and if you need any guidance or clarity when it comes to your connection please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Love and Light


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