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What are Twin Flames?

Updated: May 12, 2020

In this post I intend to bring clarity when it comes to Twin Flame connections. I will share with you what I have learned within my own experience as well as my observation of Twin Flame connections and the collective.

To put it simply Twin Flames are the same soul essence or blueprint who are incarnated into two bodies; one embodying the Divine Feminine and the other Divine Masculine energy. This is a connection that is of high vibration and closest connection to source that you can get, that is why you will often hear twins say that their beloved feels like home. This is because they are the same soul blueprint and on an energetic level they recognize one another.

Before they incarnated into physical bodies, the soul blueprint split from source as one, as they manifest into the physical, the Masculine & Feminine splits into two parts. Keep in mind that both still embody masculine and feminine energies within, just as everyone else.

Twin Flames are on this planet because they have a soul mission to complete, usually clearing a lot of ancestral karma and teaching unconditional love. You will often see them incarnate in totally different settings in order to bring their knowledge together and expand reality into more. Twin Flames differ from soul mates and are not your typical, conventional connection. This connection will not fall under the category of any social, cultural or religious expectations.

Most of the time Twin Flames will choose to incarnate in dysfunctional settings and experience painful childhoods in order to transform those patterns. They will often have traumas and wounded inner child. This is because as they experience it, they are able to heal through one another and in turn heal the collective from the result of their own clearing and healing. They will also have past life traumas and wounding which they will have to learn how to heal and release, this allows them to understand how to heal the collective from unhealthy cycles.

As I mentioned above this is not your conventional type of a relationship and as you come to these terms it becomes easier to release the expectations that we grew up with. This connection teaches us to release judgements, expectations, attachments, old cycles, fear of loss, abandonment, sense of separateness or co-dependencies.

Twin Flame connections differ from Soul Mates because as you experience a Twin Flame connection you are learning your soul mission. When Twin Flames come into union they are two mastered individuals creating a third energy. When you unite with a Soul Mate you are becoming one; being with your other half. Twin Flames cannot come into union unless they are completely healed and whole within their own being. They have to master their wholeness on all levels and not expect their counterpart to complete them.

For this reason you will often see Twin Flames in separation and many will be long distance. This is because as they separate they are leaning how to become whole within their own being. Reason behind the long distance is to nurture and amplify their energetic connection. They are to connect energetically first. This is how they learn to exist and operate in higher dimensions. They chose to explore their connection on an energetic level first.

Separation is a stage in which most twins get confused because thy will often want to be together but haven't healed or released their wounding. This stage has to be taken seriously because its important to heal, not only because they want to be in union but the healing will benefit them and many others. If you are in Twin Flame separation it's important to start looking within yourself and to realize what your twin is mirroring.

People talk about the runner/chaser dynamic and most of the time the chaser will think they are innocent and ready for union while not realizing that they are not allowing their union due to the lack of healing and releasing. The "chaser" needs to realize that they are creating their own reality and they are in charge of what comes in and out of their lives. Often times the heart has been scared and wounded and that's why it will take healing in order to fully forgive, release and open the heart up again.

Most of the time the one who is running is not ready to heal and face the wounding.

Sometimes what is to heal is not clear to us because we could be stuck in a pattern or cycle and that is why it's important to ask your Guides and Spirit to guide you towards the right information, clarity or a teacher in order to understand your situation fully. Trust in receiving that which you need in order to heal.

What I have learned is that all types of co-dependencies, attachments, addictions, wounding of abandonment, expectations, past life oaths and so forth need to be healed and released so that you can come into union with yourself first and be on mission fully, as intended.

I hope that this bit has helped you gain some clarity. I intend to talk about different healing ways in my next blogs and videos.

Sending you love and light


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