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Why To Never Chase Your Twin Flame

Updated: May 12, 2020

In this post, I intend to bring awareness to why you should never chase your divine counterpart. This post applies, especially to the Twin Flame collective. First, let's remember that we meet our Twin counterpart to awaken to our soul and heal deep-seated wounds. When you meet your match, they mirror back your soul's blueprint and activate your kundalini energy. As a result of your kundalini activation, you start to awaken to your inner self; you begin to remember all that you are. A Twin Flame connection will begin to heal parts of yourself that have wounds, particularly; the inner child traumas. When you realize the reason behind meeting your match, your connection is a blessing, but it can feel like a curse because as you get activated by your divine masculine or feminine, all of your wounds come up to surface. Being activated is a great thing even though you momentarily feel the pain of your scars. Many experience woundings of abandonment, codependency, feelings of unworthiness, victimization, and the shadow work begins. In the midst of feeling all of your wounds, your divine counterpart decides to go on their journey, maybe they get scared from the intensity of your connection because their wounds come up as well; or they meet someone else whom they start a new relationship with because they still have lessons to learn that you could not have taught them--after all, it was not in your soul's contract. Their new relationship would be a karmic one, which in most cases, serves your connection immensely because it helps your divine counterpart awaken. Once you understand what karmic partnerships are, it becomes easier to bless these partnerships and not fight against them. Have trust in your heart that Spirit knows what they are doing and focus on your growth. We have to remember that Twin Flame connections cannot be in the physical union unless both people are healed and feel wholeness within themselves. In some cases, a twin does not feel worthy enough, or they feel like they are unlovable, not good enough, and this emotion vibrationally repels their counterpart. We have to be in vibrational alignment with the union and the connection itself. We have to feel in love vibrationally first to experience love. We are to learn to allow love into our lives, to be receptive, to feel in love, to feel worthy, to love ourselves entirely.

One of the significant lessons of your journey is self-love. Many times your divine counterpart will "run" if they feel like you love them more than you love yourself. Your match loves you truly that they won't let you love them more than you love yourself! Let that sink in for a moment. After all, if you do not love yourself, then you are also not loving them, because you are one of the same. It is essential to understand that when you are in the mode of "chasing" you are sending a signal to your counterpart that you don't feel like you are good enough or deserving to receive love. Chasing sets you off balance without being able to exchange energy in harmony, giving-receiving. When you are always in the giving mode, you are depriving yourself of your life force. Your twin flame is teaching you the lesson of giving and receiving in harmony. If you embody the energy of the Divine Feminine, your natural state of being is that of receptivity; you are the attractor. If you are not allowing yourself to receive, you will continue to create an imbalance of your energy. I cannot stress enough that the most runner/chaser scenarios exist because of the inner child wounds. If you understand that, then you will take the time to release and clear your traumas. You can also heal your counterpart and work with their higher self. Your connection is always in a union, in the 5D. Still, when you look with your physical eyes, you see and feel a separation. As a result of your awareness, you continue to create that which you do not desire--a separation; this is why some twins are in separation for decades. It's important to go within and acknowledge your connection for what it is, a spiritual, vibrational, soul-based, divine connection. When you perceive and work on your connection as well as yourself from a vibrational standpoint, without wishing that your counterpart was physically there--you will start to feel shifts within your state of being. You will continue to master your emotional body, and you will continue to grow stronger each day, standing in your power and tuned into the source of who you are. You will start to care about how you feel and build stronger boundaries to teach people how you want to be treated; after all, you deserve that. You are worthy and capable of living the life you are destined to live! If you are ready to take that new step and leap of faith, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I have dedicated most of my time to healing the Divine Feminine in particular as I was able to heal and transmute my inner child traumas into love. I have been able to turn the wounds into inspiration and growth. Allow me and my Spirit team to guide you, to you. I have no doubt that you will receive the healing and guidance to get over any obstacle that you are currently facing. 

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With Unconditional Love, Mirnesa

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